Meet the Artists!

Julie Menzies - The Guild's Resident Artist
Julie first worked as The Thimble Guild’s resident artist from 1993 – 2000 when she decided to have a career break and start a family, Julie has always been a lover of art and specializes in portrait drawings. Julie painted has painted and crafted many Thimbles and we are sure you will be pleased to hear that she has been back working with The Thimble Guild for a number of years now.

Brian O Sullivan
Brian has always been fascinated by the intricate design methods used by the early craftsmen who established the prestigious Belleek Pottery in County Fermanagh in 1857. nspired by their artistry, Brian set up Hillgrove Porcelain on the banks of the Carhan River, near Cahirciveen, deep in the gloriously green Kerry countryside, where he produces a variety of fine quality hand made porcelain pieces, including a luxury range of decorated vases and dishes, and of course, an impressive array of superb thimble classics like the ones we sell. Theres no mass production and no two pieces will ever be the same - Brian lovingly crafts each delicate piece by hand from start to finish, and in very limited numbers too. Antiques of the future without a doubt, and were delighted to be featuring his gorgeous pieces in The Thimble Guild.

James Skerrett
James became interested in painting at age 12 when he was still attending school. He joined Royal Worcester aged 16 and remained there for the next 20 years working full time; firstly learning, then training other artists. After this time James decided it was time to go freelance and for the last 20 years has been a full time self-employed artist. James teaches seminars and workshops throughout the United Kingdom, and has his commissioned work in private collections all over the world. James started painting for us here at The Guild in September 2012 and has so far created some beautiful thimbles. Keep an eye open for future treasures from James.

Sally Eagleton
Sally came originally from Birmingham, but has lived near Biggar in South Lanarkshire for many years. She has been drawing since she was a child and art was her favourite subject at school, but a change in family fortunes meant that plans for her to go to college had to be abandoned. Undaunted, she has continued to paint all her life, passing on her skill and enthusiasm to her children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. She became the Thimble Guild's 'Artist in Residence' at the end of 2004 and was been able to indulge her passion painting several collections - The Bible Stories Series, The Works of William Shakespeare and The Peter Pan Collection to name but a few.

Derek Wilson & Sheila Whitcombe
Derek and Sheila worked together at Royal Worcester and now run Dunheved China from their base near Launceston in Cornwall, lovingly creating their own bone china miniatures. Derek concentrates on wildlife portraits - he's a keen ornithologist - while Sheila specialises in flowers, and their charming freehand paintings make each one of their thimbles unique.

Rachel Pugh
Rachel Pugh was our in house artist for five years. She originally comes from Cumbria, but for much of her adult life has lived in Cyprus with her husband Simon who is in the RAF. Rachel is known for her bold use of colours, inspired by the bright Mediterranean life. Rachel in her time with The Thimble Guild, has created many fabulous series and some stunning hand painted thimbles.

Scott Fretwell
Scott studied fine art at both school and art college before training as a designer specialising in graphics at Epsom School of Art (now the UCA). After graduating he worked in and around London for over 10 years before deciding to venture north with his wife and family to Hadrian's Wall Country in Cumbria in 2004; where he has been working for our parent company WCF based in Brampton Cumbria. Amongst other jobs he has been designing the Thimble Guild catalogue. In his spare time he is a keen cyclist, walker, amateur photographer and is interested in all things "design". As well as putting together The Guild he has also been involved in idea generation and designs for many of the Thimble Guild's "own - in house" designs.