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Welcome to the Thimble Guild

Here's a unique opportunity to join in the fun of on-line collecting with one of the UK's leading suppliers of thimbles and thimble accessories. There's a wonderful world of thimbles just waiting to be discovered, so put your fingertips on the keyboard...and explore!

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Collecting Thimbles

A range of thimbles ideal for the collector looking at collecting all types of thimbles, or those with a more narrow focus, collecting only a specific style or type of thimble.

Commemorative Thimbles

Commemorative thimbles are a great way to remember a special event. A Royal event or a sporting occasion, the Thimble Guild have a diverse and up to date range of thimbles available.

Displaying your Thimbles

Looking to display your thimble collection? We have a wide selection of display cabinets and wall racks suitable for any collection. A great way to display and show off your collection.